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Sika Valley

Game Description

Sika Valley is a farming simulation games inspired by Stardew Valley.

Story: A sailor boy (Player), encountered a sudden storm at sea. His boat was engulfed by terrifying waves and lightning, and eventually, the boy's vessel disintegrated into pieces...

When the boy woke up, he found himself on a beach. Suddenly, he heard a girl's voice calling out something...

Game Type: Casual, Farming, Simulation, Role-Play

Platform: PC (Windows or MacOSX)

Game Demo

Story Board (Narrative)

Core Mechanics

The game mechanics in the Sika Valley are simple and intuitive.

Player Skills & Tools
  • Farming

    • Players can use Hoe to till soil and plant the crops base on what seeds they get in the game.​

    • Players can use Watering can to water the crops.

  • Foraging

    • Players can use Axe to chop down trees or crops for woods and crops.

  • Mining

    • Players can use Pickaxe to break the stones and picking up placed equipment or furniture items.


Chop down the tree




Till soil





  • In-Game Market

    • There is a market place in the game, players can buy stuff there, such as buy seeds or furniture blueprints. Also, players can sell the crops for money.

  • Money​

    • The money is a important feature in the game. The furniture blueprints can only get in the market by using money.


Market place

Store and money.png

UI of trading and money

  • Furniture

    • Furniture blueprints: players can build any furnitures through the blueprints. Different furnitures has different requirements of the materials.

  • Time System

    • Daily Time

      • Game time: 24 hours a day. The specific time shows on the UI.

    • Seasonal Change

      • Four seasons in the game: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Also shows on the UI.


Time System & the green leaf means Spring


Wood Chair


Storage Box

furniture blueprint.png

Storage Box Blueprint

Technologies / Technical Design

Backpack / Item System

Item Editor (Unity Toolkit)​​

The Item Editor is the tool for game designer. In the Editor, designers can add any items they want by giving the item the unqiue ID, Name, Type, Icons and Descriptions. I build this tool inside the Unity as the plugin by using C#.


Item Editor for game designers to use

  • ID

    • Unique, different item has different ID.​

  • Name

    • ​​Name the item you like.

  • Type

    • For example, Pickaxe is the Chop Tool.​

  • Icon

    • Give an icon to the item.​

  • Description

    • Description

      • Write few sentences to describe this item. It will shows in the game.​

    • Use Radius​

      • The area of grids when players can using this item.​

    • Can pickedUp or Dropped​

      • Is this item can be picked up or dropped.​

    • Price​

      • How much is this item worth in market place.​

    • Sell Percentage​

      • How much players will get when they selling this item.​

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