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Analysis of Flying Fish

In this project, this is my first team project and the first time to use the Icaros as the platform. The biggest different between solo project and team project is I need to listen and discuss with my teammates. Not as same as solo project I can design a game by myself. As a game designer in the team, I need to ask my teammates how you like this game to present to the players in future and think about how to combine each teammates’ ideas together then add into the game.


After this project, I learned how important the communication is when you are working in a team. At CMU Entertainment Technology Center (ETC), everyone can be a game designer. Also, everyone’s idea is unique. I will try to accept their ideas and let our game become more interesting. And the truth is I did it and succeeded. Our team get the only award which issued by the university.


After I came to ETC, I learned a lot of new game design concept and coding skills on Visual Reality Games. Also, how to design a game by using the Icaros is what I learned from this project. The Icaros is a Virtual Reality Fitness Experiences platform. First time I met the Icaros, I pop out an idea about player control a bridge, one side of the bridge is the monster, the other side is the key item that player needs to protect. Players can shake the bridge to stop the monster cross through the bridge. However, I consider about how to let players experience the Icaros more than just shake the bridge. I made a mind map and I divide the Icaros to two parts. First part is player can hold in one pose by using Icaros for a while. Second part is player can control the direction by using Icaros. Thus, the core game play of our game “Flying Fish” is complete.


This project is a 2-week team project. So, at first 2 days, I was always meeting with my teammates for the brainstorming and core game features. I really wanted to thank my teammates for finished this perfect and impressive game.

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