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My name is Yicheng Lu

Game Designer / Level Designer / Technical Designer

 Programmer / Producer


Latest Project

Liubo is an ancient Chinese board game originally played from about 500 BCE to 500 CE. The rules of the game have been lost to time, but our team is attempting to reconstruct the game based on what we do know.

Liubo is a game about birds catching fish. Each player controls 6 pieces representing birds. These birds fly around the board in order to reach the center square, which represents a pond full of fish. Birds catch fish by crossing over or landing on this pond, and then score points by dropping the fish in the circle “Nest” spaces on the opponent’s side of the board. However, you can also score points by capturing your opponent’s birds before they reach the nests! Liubo takes between 10 to 45 minutes to play; the first player to 6 points wins!

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